Spiritual Readings 



​Having a spiritual  with me are uplifting, informative and illuminating experiences. My clients receive knowledge about their current situation, what has been affecting or holding them back, and how to move forward in a manner that is  empowering and positive. I have read for the general public as well as for other master readers and psychics.


There are situations that surround us of which we are not aware of, or only partially understanding just how much they affect us. Spiritual readings reveal the issues that are impacting or influencing our current situation, and future outcomes.



But what are Spiritual Readings​?

Understand, shift, and move forward through the circumstances that affect your life in a positive manner. Spiritual Readings are designed to bring balance at the physical, emotional, spiritual level. In doing this we are better able to manifest into our lives what we truly intend, bringing a brighter, happier future. 


Readings can include: messages from spiritual guides or angels, what your future holds, understanding better your current situation and choices that are available to you, discovering past lives, and more.


Lynne's compassion, experience, and insight have helped others to heal and shift their life and path, to experience greater joy, understanding, and fulfillment.


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All readings are available in person or via Skype-

you can have a reading done

in the comfort of your own home.





Unicorn Meadow Farm
1349 Spruce Street
Suffield CT
Vibrational Healing C enter
966 Tolland Rd
East Hartford CT


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I did not know what to expect from a reading not ever having one, but I was both astonished and amazed at the accuracy of information Lynne shared with me during my recent reading with her. Her delivery is both kind and caring. I would not hesitate to have another reading with her in the future and would recommend Gemstone readings to all…​

C. C. ~Westfield, Ma