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Meet Lynne


Alternative Medicine Specialist, 

Psychic Intuitive

I Love what I Do, and am Passionate about my Life and Path. It has taken me several years to be able to actually say that wholeheartedly. To actually be happy, fulfilled, and manifest true success-which didn't mean just being successful in career and money. It meant being successful in life in the aspects that mean the most to me.


Learning to empower myself to break free of limiting thoughts and behavior patterns that held me back did not happen overnight. This happened from my desire to change and align myself with those who also changed their paths in positive ways, utilizing the "tools" or knowledge necessary to make positive change.

Growing up for me meant living in two worlds: one being of the highly analytical, technical and medical world. The other was of the natural world, including learning natural remedies for stress, body aches and pains and illness. My family valued the benefits of the scientific and medical world, yet they would refer to natural healing methods first, and pills, therapies or surgeries last. They understood that a balance exists between the natural and technical/medical, and they would actively utilize the benefits of one or both worlds depending upon the circumstances of what they faced at that time.


        As a result I developed a deep connection with the Earth and all life forms while being exposed to and absorbing modern technologies , becoming both fascinated with our understandings of the natural world and natural remedies, and with advancements in the scientific and medical fields. The two worlds may seem completely different to one another, yet I saw parallels running between them continuously. To my family they were all parts of the whole world that we all exist within.


        After college I joined up with a team that was involved in saving or improving the quality of life for several thousands of people throughout the US using all natural products. When the team dissolved after the product patents were sold to a pharmaceutical company I transferred out of the medical-based field into manufacturing. This was not the direction that I wanted to remain in permanently, however there was a value in the business, management and leadership skills that I learned there.

During that time I researched several types of natural healing methods, including understanding better the spiritual philosophies that many cultures have towards health and well-being. I was aware that the advancements in the scientific and medical fields were doing many highly beneficial things for humanity, however there were large gaps in their abilities to truly “cure” specific maladies. Instead the trend was (and still is) to focus and treat the “symptoms” instead of determining true cause. I knew that many benefits exist within this field that people benefit from, however there are times or circumstances where additional therapies are needed in order to bring a greater balance or resolution. Transition into natural remedies, or a blending of both allopathic (medical) and naturopathic/holistic remedies are required.


            I decided to deepen my education through training and became certified in several different holistic modalities including Medicinal Aromatherapy, ThetaHealing®, TSR®(Therapeutic System Realignment), Vibrational Sound Therapy (Tibetan bowls and Ting-shaws) and Holographic Sound Healing®.  I also studied with master teachers, learning D’Jembe and Shamanic Drumming, Medicine Wheel Circle ceremony, crystal energy and healing practice, advanced psychic intuitive development and practice, energy patterns and meridians of the body, Dance, especially cultural dancing from countries all across the globe and from different eras, was also pursued as I performed with an educational based international dance group for 8 years.


            At this time I transitioned away from the corporate world and became more fully immersed within my true path: to share and use this knowledge with others to help them transform their lives with greater happiness, love and fulfillment.


            For over 20 years I’ve been studying various spiritualities, methodologies, and have worked with master teachers, clients, and students that I myself teach. I have empowered myself to change my path, which also included recovery from severe depression, body wide pain and feeling “lost” into transforming my life and direction. I have altered the course of my life and my world in a dynamically positive way and am forever changed and I bring that knowledge and experience to others to help them transform their lives in positive ways.


As I continue to grow and expand upon my life’s path I am eternally grateful for all those who have helped me along my way and for those I shall meet along my journey.

Thank you.

Dedication to Community Health and Wellness Services: 

 Editor and member of the

Creative Writing Team. 


Cloud 9 Online is a physician endorsed Hartford, Connecticut based digital health and wellness company that combines Science-Powered, Clinically Designed Meditation Therapy with cutting-edge technology.

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