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Alternative Medicine

Shift your path and direction into truly LIVING the life you WANT-Naturally

Services include

  • EssentialBlissTM Sessions

  • Transformational Energy Healing

  • Releasing Negative Belief Patterns

* Each session is custom designed to address the root cause of the stress, anxiety, pain, discomfort  or dis-ease you may be experiencing~Naturally

* They work complimentary to current medications, surgeries or current medical practice you’re receiving.

What is offered:

Removal of Negative Belief Systems part of Transformational Energy Healing Service


EssentialBlissTM Aromatherapy Sessions

A Blissful Experience combining Medicinal Grade Essential Essences with Soothing Sound Vibration.

Ideal for those who seek complete relaxation and stress reduction. 

Combination of 100% pure Medicinal Grade Essential Essences (featuring Wisdom of the Earth) that is complimented with a full Sound Vibrational Healing session.

Transformational Energy Healing

Through the use of Ancient and Contemporary All Natural Healing Technique experience a deeper level of Health and Well-Being.

This is ideal for those seeking a more complete healing of serious physical, emotional or spiritual maladies, discomfort or dis-ease. 


Sessions include a combination of:

· Vibrational Sound Therapy

· Medicinal Aromatherapy (100% pure, Medicinal-Grade Organic Essential Oils)

· Crystal & Gemstone Energetic Healing​​

· Removal of negative belief patterns



Contact Lynne to set up your appointment: (617) 872-6399

Please note that due to Covid-19 Pandemic all services are offered via Zoom Conferencing.
Contact Lynne to set up your appointment: (617) 872-6399
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