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Transformational Energy Healing

Transformational energy healing sessions are sessions that work on
unblocking stuck energy, emotions, or belief systems that are interfering
with your life, productivity, happiness, relationships, self-esteem, or other
issues that hold you back.

These sessions are designed for those who are looking to move through a challenging life situation and seek to remove limitations so that they can move forward with their lives with greater clarity, prosperity, and purpose. They allow clients the freedom to manifest what they truly want into their lives.

Transformational energy healing is an all natural, non-invasive, multi-faceted healing method that enables the transition of your life from one of dis-function, pain, negativity, frustration, etc. into one that is empowered, positive, happy, and fulfilled. I use a combination of ancient and current knowledge designed to work with you to remove the obstacles that hold you back, allowing you the freedom to manifest what you truly want into your life. Sessions can include, but are not limited to, the following: Crystal/Gemstone energy healing, Medicinal Grade Aromatherapy technique (100% pure, organic, hypoallergenic plant essences), Energetic Balance and Realignment TM Technique, Therapeutic System Realignment (TSR®), Light Touch Therapy, Sound Vibrational Therapy (Tibetan Bowls and Tingshaws), etc.


Clients who use these sessions have experienced shifts in their consciousness or physical well-being, and were able to move forward in their lives with joy, grace, love, and success.

Set up your complimentary 30 minute initial consultation session with me by calling (617) 872-6399. This is a FREE service (a $50.00 savings) offered to all new clients at the start of their sessions. ​

There is no obligation to purchase anything during your first consultation.

Payments can be made securely through PayPal (you can pay with your credit card or debit card via PayPal) by clicking on the button next to the session time you choose.



Special Thank You to my current clients:

I have been receiving many new clients as a result of word of mouth referrals from my current clients to their family and friends. As a special thank you to my current clients, they receive an additional 10% off their regular priced sessions.


Appointments in person:

In CT:

Reawaken your Dreamer                                                           Unicorn Meadow Farm

9A Pasco Drive                                                                 1349 Spruce St
East Windsor, CT                                                              Suffield, CT



Vibrational Healing Center
966 Tolland Rd
East Hartford, CT


Appointments over the phone:

Energy healing sessions can be done over the phone, out of the comfort of your own home.
Clients prefer this method when meeting in person is not convenient. There is no change to the quality of the service you are receiving, and this allows clients who live in locations in other states or countries to receive the benefits of this service.

Call (617) 872-6399 to set up your appointment-initial 30 minute consultation session is free.

Appointments via Skype:

Skype Name: lynne.hartwell

Please contact me to set up your Skype appointment: (617) 872-6399.


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