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​​There are several events happening throughout the month, scroll down the page to view all events.


Super Summer Savings!

I'm offering special rates for all of my Energy Healing

or Psychic Reading Sessions. 

For the months of June, July and August ONLY (in person sessions)
All 60 minute sessions, take off 15% 
All 90 minute sessions, take off 20%
All 120 minute sessions, take off 25%

Over the phone/Skype Psychic Reading or
Spiritual Guidance (your Life's Path) sessions:

Receive a Psychic Reading or Spiritual Guidance from the comfort of your own home.  


30 minutes= $40
60 minutes=$70
90 minutes=$110

Choose from any of these services offered:

(Sorry-due to the nature of the session, EssentialBlissTM or

Transformational Energy Healing sessions are only available in person)


-NEW! EssentialBlissTM Session 
Relaxing and Rejuvenating medicinal grade essential oil treatment (featuring Wisdom of the Earth) enhanced with Sound Vibration. Ideal for those seeking greater relaxation and/or stress reduction

-Transformational Energy Healing 
 Combination of Sound Vibrational Healing, Medicinal Grade Essential Oils, Crystal & Gemstone healing energy, and releasing of emotional/physical/spiritual blocks. Ideal for a more complete level of Healing for deeper set issues at the physical, emotional or spiritual level. 

-Psychic Intuitive Readings 
Sacred Geometry Daily Affirmation Cards, Messages from you Spiritual Guides,
Past Life Journeys, Animal Communication. 

-Spiritual Guidance
Overcoming Obstacles, Becoming more Spiritual or Positive in your Life,
Developing your Intuition, Navigating Spirituality in a Chaotic or Negative World, etc. 



E. Windsor: 3A Pasco Drive-2nd & 4th Thurs, Fri & Sat (dates/times located in upper right section of this event notice)

Tolland: 129 Tolland Stage Road- 1st & 3rd Thursdays 1PM-7PM or by special appointment

Other dates/times possible depending on availability-please call/txt for details: (617) 872-6399

I still offer sessions in E. Hartford: 966 Tolland St. Call/txt for availability: (617) 872-6399.

To book an appointment, call/txt: 
(617) 872-6399

Live too far away? We can work via phone/skype!





Tolland CT: 

1st & 3rd Thursdays,

July 6, 20                   2PM-7 PM

129 Tolland Stage Rd

E. Hartford CT: 

By appointment only             

966 Tolland St

E. Windsor CT: 

2rd & 4th Thurs

July 13, 27                  1PM-7 PM

Fri July 14, 21 & 22         5-7PM

Sun  July 9 & 23      10AM-4PM

3A Pasco Dr

Don't see a time/location that fits your schedule? Call/txt me! I can make special times to suit your needs. 

Call/txt for appointment: (617) 872-6399


Psychic Readings at Lucky Lou's

I will be joining the Solstice Psychic Team every second and fourth Tuesday this summer. Come enjoy fantastic food out on the patio in beautiful historic Wethersfield, and receive an illuminating psychic reading while there...


Tues July 11 & 25


$20/15 minutes


Lucky Lou's

222 Main St

Wethersfield, CT


Serenity Shells

Create a high Vibrational Crystal Grid using Activated Crystals, Plant Essences & Materials, and Ocean Shells in a Sacred Geometric Pattern. 


Through setting your Intention and choosing the right crystals & gemstones Bring Creativity, Positive Change, and Cleanse the Energy in any room.

Learn to intuitively choose exactly the right shells, crystals and gemstones and create arrangements that are not only Beautiful, they also help you Manifest into your life what you Intend. They also will help Clear, Cleanse, and Purify the Energy of any room.

• Intuitively choose the right combination of Crystals & Gemstones to create your Serenity Shell

• Increase your ability to Manifest and Set stronger Intentions

• Cleanse the Energy of any room or space

Materials: Crystals & Gemstones, Large Shell of your choice, Sacred Geometry Mat (Positive energy amplifier), Instructions to set up at home, and pretty bag to carry your Serenity Shell creation.

Sat, July 15



(all materials included)


Unicorn Meadow Farm

1349 Spruce St

Suffield CT

RSVP Required 

(860) 668-6424




Cosmic Connections

Held every third Wed of the month

Unsure what a session with me would be like? Come in and experience a shorter version of  different types of Healing or Psychic Readings that are available.

EssentialBlissTM Aromatherapy Sessions

A greater Healing Experience combining Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils with Soothing Sound Vibration.

Receive an experience of complete bliss through the application of 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils (featuring Wisdom of the Earth) that is complimented with a full Sound Vibrational Healing session.

Sessions are 30 or 60 minutes long.

Spiritual Readings (Psychic Readings)

Spiritual Readings are designed to bring balance at the physical, emotional,

spiritual level. In doing this we are better able to manifest into our lives what we

truly intend, bringing a brighter, happier future.

Readings can include:

Messages from spiritual guides or angels

Body~Mind~Spirit balance with Crystals & Gemstones

Understanding better current situation & choices that are available to you

Exploring past lives

Sessions are 20, 30, 40, and 60 minutes long.


All sessions & all modalities  are $1.00/min

Wed July 19

1:00-4:00 PM

Unicorn Meadow Farm

1349 Spruce St

Suffield CT

Call ahead or drop in

(860) 668-6424




Earth Crystal Medicine

Journeying Within  using Crystals & Gemstones

Working with Crystals & Gemstones can be a highly Personal connection, one of which can help you access a deeper level of Understanding your Life’s Path and Journey.


In this class you will learn Ancient Methods of Re-Connection which is crucial for those who wish to remain Spiritual in a hectic world • Establish a deeper connection at the heart-body-soul level through the activation of crystal & gemstone energy


• Unlock your own ability to Heal- emotionally, physically, and spiritually

• Discover how to choose the right stones to work with for any purpose

• Participate in a short guided meditation and receive messages or answers to questions you may have

• Keep the Personally Attuned Crystal or Gemstone you worked with in class

Thurs, July 20

7-9 PM

Solstice Strategy Partners

129 Tolland Stage Rd, Tolland CT 


all materials included


RSVP Required 

(617) 872-6399




Drummin' up the Fun

A Drum Circle~at Meg's

Drum Circles not only are fun, they're great places to de-stress, ground, and re-energize. Fatigued? Anxious? Have bodily aches and pains (even headaches!)? JOIN US-AND JOIN IN ON A FANTASTIC EVENT!!

Come join us and drum, play instruments, dance, or just sit and take in the beautiful rhythms and music. All levels are welcome, and beginners quickly become a part of the group with more experienced drummers.


I've been  leading drum circles for several years, and each circle is a fun, unified and uplifting event.


Bring your own instruments-there will be some available

Wed, July 26



38 Main St

Manchester, CT


RSVP Preferred

(860) 649-9941

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