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As an Alternative Medicine Specialist, Lynne Hartwell connects with the Infinite and Natural realms to help re-balance, shift, and transform your life. This is done using all natural healing techniques such as Vibrational Sound Therapy, Medicinal Aromatherapy (100% pure, Medicinal-Grade Organic Essential Oils), Crystal & Gemstone Energy, and other Powerful Energetic Healing techniques. 
The combination of modalities promote a deeper and more thorough ability to reach the source of the imbalance-the pain, discomfort or disease. It reaches the source of any anxiety, fear, loss, or disconnection with your life & direction that you may feel. This goes beyond sole focus on the symptoms being experienced. This involves returning to a greater balance at the physical, emotional or spiritual level by understanding the primary cause and re-establishing  Health & Well-Being . When this occurs, it is then possible to establish a longer sustaining health and well-being lifestyle. 
She has appeared in numerous public appearances, Expos, Public Speaking Presentations, TV and Radio appearances and runs private and group practices in both CT and MA. She has assisted hundreds of people to dynamically transform their lives with Optimism, Abundance and Joy.
For greater details or to set up an appointment, click on link below or call (617) 872-6399. 


​Message from Lynne:


"Everything on this planet resonates with an energetic vibration, including ourselves. To regain & maintain our Health, Well-Being, and Vitality we must first bring ourselves into a greater energetic harmony within ourselves physically, emotionally and spiritually.  ​

When we regain balance within ourselves our energetic frequency increases, allowing us to attain greater harmony with our life, with others, and with our world. We are then able to manifest into our lives greater abundance, love, and happiness."

Lynne's gift is to not only facilitate the positive changes in the lives of those she meets, they receive the tools necessary
so that they sustain these changes throughout their lifetime. 

How to live without pain, anxiety, worry...


Do you feel that you are "stuck" in your life (physically, emotionally, or mentally) and cannot move forward?

Are you experiencing anxiety, depression, worry that won't stop?

Feel "out of balance" energetically and don't know what to do about it?

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Dedication to Community Health and Wellness Services: 


 Editor and member of the

Creative Writing Team. 

Cloud 9 Online is a physician endorsed Hartford, Connecticut based digital health and wellness company that combines Science-Powered, Clinically Designed Meditation Therapy with cutting-edge technology.


Spiritual Awakenings Meetup Group....

 "Spiritual Awakenings Group" is a group that offers events, classes, and workshops based in Spiritual, Holistic, and Metaphysical subjects. It's  a great opportunity for those who are just beginning their journey or for those that have been on the path for years. Events, classes, and workshops are offered in the E. Windsor and in other locations in both Ma and CT.


It's also a great opportunity to meet others of like mind.

        Want to know more? Click on the                               button/link below.

What People are saying...

When I drove in to work Friday, I looked at the scenery going by and noticed my perception or consciousness/feelings were exactly like when I was 5 years old.  I was full of innocent joy, expectation, and possibility.  I'm not sure how to describe what you did for me with your Multi-Dimensional healing except to say like I did after our first session together.  I felt as though I was raised up out of a fog.  The second session, I was on top of the world and by the third I felt as though you turned back the clock.  Dialed it back to a time of true and absolute innocence, joy, and love.  I can't wait to see how much my live is going to change!  For the first time, in a conversation about aging, I can truly say I want to live to be at least 102 (aka a 5 years oldster).  There is just too much life to enjoy  and I'm not in a hurry to see and do it all!  I want have the time to savor every moment.  What a remarkable healer you are.

Julie ~CT

Lynne Hartwell, you are such an inspiration. I loved the way you shared your magnificent gifts as one of the Instructors in the Aromatherapy Certificate Course. You had such a way of sharing information for others, if they really listened, as you communicated with use. I found great wisdom in your words and had the honor of seeing "The White Door". As I walked through I felt the Eternal Bliss of the Divine. My True self found "Home". I now offer the White Doorway to all who seek, she is with you NOW, all you have to do is enter. Thank you Lynne, I look forward to our next moment. Namaste Please feel free to share this, and help other find The White Door.

E. C.~ CT

Rarely do you meet someone who is so deeply connected to what they do that their knowledge of the subject matter and their ability to bring that knowledge out into the world and share it is utterly seamless. Lynne is one of these people. She speaks from a deep knowledge of the stones; not only of what they mean, but how they work and how they are interconnected with everything else in our journey. Above and beyond, Lynne’s calling is to help people, support them, and provide them with the knowledge, tools and understanding they need to move forward on their path. Her deep love for not only what she does, but for the people that she works with comes through in everything she does. I can’t recommend her highly enough. Knowledge, integrity, compassion, and a great sense of humor, yep, that’s Lynne!

Erica ~ CT

I did not know what to expect from a “Crystal & Gemstone” reading not ever having one, but I was both astonished and amazed at the accuracy of information Lynne shared with me during my recent reading with her. Her delivery is both kind and caring. I would not hesitate to have another reading with her in the future and would recommend Crystal & Gemstone readings to all.

Lynne, I wanted to let you know that during our most recent session I felt a strong connection to my roots and also to the universe, it's energy and infinite potential. Any earthly problems definitely shrink from this point of view. The next leg of my journey will be incorporating this new energy in healing.

C.C.~Westfield, MA

J.B.~Mass. Reiki Practitioner

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